Cypress Environmental Partners, L.P. (“Cypress”) and its affiliates provide essential environmental services to the energy and municipal water industries. Our suite of services include inspection, testing, recycling, survey, water treatment, and other environmental services that help our customers protect people, property, infrastructure, and the environment with a focus on safety and sustainability. Cypress is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CELP). We are master limited partnership (“MLP”) that is controlled by a Cypress Environmental GP who’s owners interests are fully aligned with our minority investors with management and insiders owning approximately 74% of CELP. We hold ourselves to the higher standards of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), Department of Transportation (“DOT”), various state regulators, and the NYSE. Cypress also has a code of conduct that requires us to operate ethically, honestly, and with integrity.

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Investor Relations Liaison
Jeff Herbers
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Unitholders may request a copy of our complete audited financial statements free of charge by contacting us.