API 1169 Information

We have a growing demand for inspection personnel with API 1169 Certification. For API 1169 certification questions please contact API1169@tulsainspection.com

API 1169 Exam Info

Go to www.api.org and select the Products & Services tab. Select Individual Certification Programs (ICP). On the left side of the page in red you will see Step 1: Certifications, select that. Next you will hit the drop down arrow under the Select Program heading and choose API 1169 – Pipeline Construction Inspector. Directly under that you will see Exam Info in red. Select that tab. On this page you will find all of the information that will be on the test. There will be 100 questions and you have 3 hours to take the test.

The following percentages comprise the test:

10% - General Quality Principles

50% - Pipeline Construction Inspection

25% - Pipeline Construction Safety

15% - Pipeline Construction Environmental Protection

This information is found on pp 6-9 of the Body of Knowledge. Read through the Body of Knowledge and click on each of the Reference Publications. This will indicate which ones are available and which are to purchase. There are more U.S. References available at the bottom of the page.

**Make sure that you are reviewing the documents in the correct time frame for your test. For example if you are testing in April 2017 please select For April-December 2017 exams.

API 1169 Certification Factsheet