Pipeline & Process Services (“PPS”)

Cypress Brown Integrity maintains a large fleet of testing equipment capable of supporting any requirement for hydrotesting, chemical cleaning, water and water recycling, pumping, dehydration, caliper runs, nitrogen and drying services, etc. We provide clients with superior test documentation and records retention services. We successfully complete thousands of miles of pipeline testing and service work annually on hundreds of new and existing pipelines across the United States.


  • Provide Certified Hydrostatic Testing Services with Complete Engineer Stamped Test Reports
  • Gauging and Cleaning of Pipelines (Chemical or Mechanical) to Prepare for ILI Tool Runs
  • ILI Tool Run Support
  • Drying Services (Pipeline and Facilities)
  • Displacement of Product for De-Commissioning
  • Budget Estimates, Testing Procedures and Cleaning Plans
  • Nitrogen (3rd party) or Air Testing Services
  • Environmentally Safe Dyes
  • Environmentally Safe Drying Chemicals
  • Engineering and Fabrication of Project Specific Equipment
  • Procurement of Project Specific Consumables
  • Labor Crews and Tools for Preparation Work
  • Equipment for Lifting
  • Flare Services (3rd party)
  • Nitrogen Purging and Packing
  • Plug and Abandonment of Pipelines
  • Leak Detection (3rd party)


We received the Texas Mutual Insurance Safety Award for three consecutive years without any losses. We were one of three companies to receive this recognition from Texas Mutual. Brown Integrity has a full suite of commercial insurance.

We work diligently to provide the best training on methods and equipment to guarantee the safety of our employees and job sites. We fall under federal Operator Qualification mandates. We have fully compliant Safety and Health, Operator Qualification, and Drug and Alcohol programs.

We are a member of or participates in the following industry organizations:

We comply with client required site and project specific programs. We have a full time dedicated Safety Department where employee and supervisor training is performed on a routine basis along with Weekly Safety Meetings, Daily/ Shift JSAs, Best Practices and Tailgate Safety meetings.

Our team of experienced professionals are capable of handling any job from small day jobs, pre-tests, and multi-million dollar large diameter pipeline jobs running hundreds of miles.

Our team of full time mechanics and technicians, ensure our equipment that is sent to each job is ready for the project. Our pumps, compressors, dryers, manifolds, valves and hoses are inspected prior to every project. Our fully equipped test trailers are rigged out for extreme weather conditions.

Cypress Brown Integrity owns specially designed test trailers with state of the art testing equipment. Our test trailers are equipped with lights and HVAC for all-season operations.

Cypress Brown Integrity utilizes a range of fill and pressure equipment to accommodate any size project, including some of the largest fill pumps in the industry. These units are 1500 horsepower, three stage centrifugal pumps (3,500 gpm/ 850 psi), three stage fill pumps (2,000 gpm/ 400 psi), high volume test pumps for mainline jobs (150 gpm/ 3,000 psi), and various other smaller fill and pressure pumps. We also maintain a large inventory selection of test manifolds, pig traps, and a wide variety of pig sizes and types.

Cypress Brown Integrity will dispatch a fleet of late model vehicles and equipment. Our equipment is unitized on floats for fast and efficient mobilization. All of this translates into us being able to provide you with the most efficient and economical services available.

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