>  Tulsa Inspection Resources (“TIR”) was founded to offer inspection services to the energy industry.
>  Begins offering integrity services with Duke Energy Field Services (now DCP Midstream).


>  TIR begins serving additional customers Enbridge, and Enterprise Products.


>  TIR exceeds $50M in revenue.


>  The Stephenson family and their affiliate Regent Private Capital acquire control of TIR.
>  TIR revenue exceeds $100 million.


>  TIR expands into Canada.
>  TIR awarded the BP Safety Award.
>  Brown Integrity founded in Giddings, TX.


>  TIR awarded TransCanada's Canadian maintenance work.
>  TIR awarded Enbridge's Canadian maintenance/new construction work.
>  TIR awarded the BP Safety Award for the second time.


>  Cypress founded by Peter C. Boylan III and the Charles C. Stephenson family with plans to offer environmental services including EPA Class II disposal facilities and inspection services.
>  Cypress seeks a qualifying income private letter ruling from the IRS to provide these services in a Partnership.
>  Cypress acquires EPA Class II water recovery, treatment, and disposal facilities in West Texas and North Dakota.
>  TIR revenue exceeds $200 million.
>  TIR begins to offer nondestructive testing/examination.


>  Cypress acquires control of TIR.
>  TIR revenue exceeds $380 million.
>  Cypress forms the Partnership and files its S-1 to go public on the New York Stock Exchange.


>  January 21, 2014 Cypress goes public as a master limited partnership on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CELP).
>  Cypress exceeds its S-1 forecast and revenue exceeds $400 million.


>  Cypress acquires 51% of Brown Integrity expanding its service line to include hydrostatic testing of pipelines.


>  Cypress reduces its distribution to strengthen its balance sheet during the energy downturn.


>  TIR celebrates its 15th anniversary and has an excellent year.
>  The holding company that controls Cypress acquires two businesses to expand into the municipal water industry, in line inspection (“ILI”), and offshore pipeline & process services (“PPS”) including water recycling, treatment, pumping, hydrostatic testing, nitrogen, and other services. The ILI business is a technology company based in Salt Lake City, UT that offers 5G UHD in pipeline inspection services to the municipal water and energy industries. The PPS company based in Lafayette, LA is focused on the offshore market and required repositioning. It is contemplated that Cypress will acquire these businesses when they are ready.
>  Cypress divests its EPA class II water recovery and disposal facilities in W. Texas.
>  Cypress reduces its leverage and improves its balance sheet with a $43.5 million preferred equity investment (“PIPE”) from the Stephenson family.
>  Cypress refinances its credit facility with a new revolving credit facility.
>  Cypress has a strong year following the energy industry downturn in 2015-2017 with EBITDA growth exceeding 35%.


>  Cypress celebrates its fifth anniversary as a NYSE public company.
>  Cypress has an excellent year with 35% EBITDA growth and 41% distributable cash flow (“DCF”) growth.


>  Cypress announces name change to Cypress Environmental Partners, L.P. to better reflect the services we provide our customers.
>  Cypress suspends distribution to improve balance sheet following pandemic.


>  Cypress announces closure of Cypress Brown Integrity.